We are an established Jewellers in Kallakurichi District for the past 5 decades. Our shop emerged from a small “ GoldSmith Pattarai” to “New KVM Jewellers” over these years. This Jewellery Business is being continued for 3 generations now. Our Founder Shri. Velaiyan Achari was fondly remembered by customers for his speciality work and intricate designs. Later that was inherited by Shri. Kesavan Achari and passed on to Shri. Vel Murugan who started this Jewellery shop on a small scale. The idea of New KVM Jewellers emerged by Shri. Gunaseelan who is currently managing the business with great passion and novel ideas.

Our main motto is “Service with Quality”. Every customer who visits our showroom, are important to us. Irrespective of the value of purchase, we maintain the same kind of service. We strongly feel that any individual who comes for the purchase, brings all his hard-earned money, just to adorn the woman in his life, be it mother, wife, sister or daughter. We value their trust and focus more on quality. Thus the purity on 916 is 91.6 for 100 and not 86 for 100. We are not focussed on increasing profits and increasing more number of showrooms. Thus we share our major profit with the customer in the form of offers, discounts, etc.


Our service motto is mainly imbibed from Vallalar’s preachings towards life and mankind. Having realized that hunger was a debilitating force that led to other conflicts Vallalar had started mass feeding by setting up a kitchen that was working round-the-clock. We are strong believers of Vallalar and thus participate in the mass feeding program during ‘Thai Poosam’. Thus taking Social responsibility too.


Our Speciality product well known to many customers in the surroundings is “Thali” or “Thirumangalyam”. Nowadays every product is machine-made and of 916 quality, and so is the density in these products. We adopt a speciality technique in the manufacture of “Thali” which no other Jeweller has done it so far. This technique protects the “Thali” from any breakage(which is felt inauspicious). Here we value the sentiments of our customers which is more precious than the value they pay for the jewel.